• E Joints
    E Joints
    For connections of large diameter steel pipe

Through the commercial agreement in place between PSUK and Noksel España S.A., PSUK can offer the
E Joint for connections of large diameter steel pipe.

Types of connections available:

  • Butt weld joint
  • Spigot and socket joint
  • Spigot and socket with thermal joint
  • Spherical socket with thermal joint – which enables the possibility of a rotating 6° to 10° depending on the pipe diameter.


E Joint technical diagram
  • A simple spigot and socket push-fit joint.
  • Provides an insulating air chamber which protects the internal lining during welding.
  • Internal sleeve is welded in place during the manufacturing process.

Main advantages:

  • Easy to join pipes together, reducing installation time and costs.
  • Only external welding is required on site.
  • No internal lining repairs are necessary after on-site welding.